Collages on handwritten vintage notebook paper


Dancing Man with Fish 8"X11" SOLD Cat Head Lady 8"X11" That New Puppy Feeling
8 " x 11"
The Conversation 8"X11"
What Have We Here? 8 " x 11"
Twin Lovers 8" x 11"
Pussy Cat Skirt 8"x11" Man Who Loved Cats 8"x11"
Tossing the Flying Baby 8"X11" Cat Hair Attack 8"X11" Shower Pounce 8" x 11"
Ice Breaker 8" x 11"

Catching the Flying Baby 8"x11"

Swooping Stage Bird Grabs Human 8" x 11"

Pecking Order 8" x 11" SOLD

Bird Dancing 8" x 11"

Goddess of Moths 8"x11" Tossing the Flying Baby, 5"x7" SOLD Bad Cat, 5"x7" SOLD Birds on Wire 8" x 11"