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Blue Handled Vase

One of the many vases I've picked up at yard sales, thrift stores & estate sales. Most are imperfect, cracked or chipped. This one has a beautiful blue matte finsih.

Little Tree

This little brush tree is one of several that were possibly part of a Christmas nativity display. It has a red wooden base.

Globe bank

I like old metal globes. This one is a little bank.

Mexican Bird Bowl

I found this at a thrift store in Omaha. It's a beautifully painted gourd bowl.

White shell vase

Another of the vases. The shell shape is so appealing.

Plastic Fly

The plastic fly reappears from time to time around the house. It doesn't really belong anywhere in particular. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

Gooseneck lamp

This old gooseneck lamp has a green fiberglass shade.


Old metal fan - works pretty good and it's beautiful to look at too. I love the streamline design and green color of the base.

Circus Dog Salt Shaker

This is a little circus dog salt shaker. He's wearing a clown hat and balancing on his hind legs. His mate must have been broken before I found him at a thrift store.

Toy Windup Dog

He is yellow plastic with red spots. Mostly stays in the attic toy area. I like the way he looks on the plaid background.

Curvy Vase

This one is almost baroque.


I like the design of old technology. This phone feels very heavy & solid when you hold the receiver in your hand. I have a jack adapter so it can be used for making calls. Funny how long it seems to dial compared to pushing buttons.

Blue vase

I think this vase portrait has a lot of personality - it looks like it's holding up a tiny pair of arms in this monoprint.

Wooden Bird Toy

If you press a little button on the top of the tree trunk the woodpecker will peck at the tree.

Dinosaur toy

Plastic dinosaur, one of many from the days of the dino. A T-Rex I think. No longer battling the other dino figures on top of my son's dresser, he now lives in the attic.

Folding Camp Stool

This jauntily striped camp stool seems so potentially useful. But we never take it camping.

stick Lady

I think she might be Norwegian. Carved & painted wooden lady doll with jointed arms but only one leg.

Hen Laying Egg

Hen Laying Egg firework. So cleverly made. Lays small flaming fire balls. I couldn't bring myself to throw her out after the show.

Ma & Pa

Ma & Pa salt and pepper shakers. There's something so satisfyingly creepy about head shaped objects.

Old Metal Trunk

Bought at an estate sale, it has a charming picture of a little girl inside the top.

Lady with fruit Basket

This little ceramic lady is carrying a fruit basket on her head. She's flat on the back side so she can hang on a wall.

Happy Yellow Vase

This vase is such a nice yellow color and is so beautifully shaped it seems like a happy object.

Bowl with Face

This wooden bowl has a face painted in it (by me) I painted a number of wooden salad bowls before I decided they were just fine as they were.

Wooden Lad

Someone carved this odd little guy out of wood, then painted him. He's wearing a long-sleeved shirt and shorts.

Black Kitty Cat

Little black kitty on a green base. Slightly chipped with a mysterious gaze.

Green Metal Chair

Once a high chair in some long ago kitchen, now in my attic studio.

Baby Head

I think it was a display model for baby hats. This beautifully painted baby head has a Cupid's bow mouth and very thin eyebrows.

Spanish bowl

I bought this bowl in Barcelona for my friend Carie. I love Spanish pottery bowls.

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