Golden Book Encyclopedia Collages

All collages are approx 7" x 10", $75.00

Sun Worshipers
The Young Animal
Listen sold
Extraordinary Activity


How to Appreciate the Drama sold
Predators sold
Giants Among Us
Heavenly Bodies
Of Many Things
Boy's Book of Amusements
Days of the Dino
Deep Sea
Miles per Hour in Water
I'll Meet You When...
Soft White
Four Billion Years
Age of Mammals
Big Tree Sold
Claws SheathedSold
Try: Songbirds
Be Extremely Careful
How to Trap a Small Mammal Sold
The Sick Society
Rolling Sold
Male/Female SOLD

These collages combine pictures and words from old Golden Book Encyclopedias with bits & pieces of my own sketches and drawings (and in Predators a tree from one of my daughter Eva's paintings). They are about the mysteries and wonders of science & the natural world as revealed to so many kids through the strangely fascinating and sometimes unintentionally humorous work of those anonymous Golden Book writers and artists. I like to use old mailing envelopes as the base for the collages because they contribute their own evocative patina.

Click on each collage for a larger view. Then click on the lower right corner to expand for an extreme closeup.