Weegee's World

St. Paul in the 1950s/60s and New York street life in the 1940s & 50s.
Painted on recycled wood which adds texture and irregularity to the faces.

Portraits inspired by photos from the book Strange Days Dangerous Nights by Larry Millet and Weegee's gritty Speed Graphic shots of clubs and bars.

Cigarette Girl with Striped Face, 7 "x7"
Hockey Brawler 7" X 9" SOLD
Bubble Blower, 7"x9" SOLD
St. Paul Police Officer, 6 "x7" SOLD
Nightclub Belter, 6 " X 7" SOLD
Cigar Smoking Gent, 7"x9" SOLD
Mustached Man, 6 "x7" SOLD
Sleeping Beer Salesman, 10 " X 7" SOLD
Sammy Davis Jr Nightclub Date, 7"x8"
Bystander, 7"x8" NFS
Masked, 7" X 8" SOLD
Bystander, 7" x 7"
Fedora Guy, 6.5" x 7" SOLD
Distressed, 7"x8" SOLD
ToughGuy, 6.5"x7" SOLD
Smoking Lady, 5" x 7" SOLD
BowTie Boy, 6" x 7" SOLD
Showgirl, 5" x 7" SOLD
Weegee, 6"x7" SOLD
Jazz Club, 7" X 10" SOLD
Clown, 5.5"X7" SOLD
Nellie, 6.5" x 7" SOLD
Billie, 6.5"x7" SOLD
Lesbian Bar Girl 4.5"X7" SOLD
Savoy Ball Room, 4"x6" SOLD
Showgirl Backstage, 6"x8"
Spectator, 6"x8"
Lost & Found at Coney Island, 5.5"x6" SOLD

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