From the attic archives.

Cat Two Face, 40"x48" SOLD
Albufeira Beach, 40"x48" SOLD
Boulangerie Lady, 40"x48" SOLD
Pet Market Sevilla, 40"x48" SOLD
Skaters, 40"x48" SOLD

Fish Market Spain, 40"x48" SOLD

Gardener, 40"x48" SOLD Paris Lovers, 40"x48"
Attic Hangout
Black Fish Dress, 35"x41" SOLD Attic Hangout, 40"x48" Nightclub, 38"x42" Pink and Blue Kitchen, 40"x48"
Black Table, 42"x47"
Blue Table, 40"x48"
Red Tablecloth, 41"x48"
Elysian, 32"x40"
Black Guitar Shirt, 30"x40"
Black Pillow Landscape, 30"x36"
Black Picnic Cloth, 32"x40"
Party Dress, 36"x42"
In Our Dreams, 35" x41" SOLD
Daydreams, 28"x36"
Purple Bathrobe, 36"x42"
Lanterns. 30"x36"
Recurring Presence, 35"x41" SOLD
New Mexico Landscape, 33"x39"SOLD
Floating Above Red Rug 31"x37"
Waiting, 30"x36"
Pink Canoes, 36"x42"
Traveling Jacket, 30"x36"
Premonition, 32"x37"
Voyage, 40"x48"
Summer Sky, 36"x44"
Barton Springs, 20"x24" SOLD
Pool, 20"x24"SOLD
Vista, 42"x47"
Black Picnic Cloth, 32"x38"
Picnic on Pink, 16"x20" SOLD Evening Dresses, 30"x37" Spring Lawn Red, 35 "x41"
After a Night of Dreams, 16"x20" Two Blue Plates, 16"x20" SOLD Weird Lake, 36"x40" Floating, 36"x40"
Green Porch, Yellow Wall, 16"x20"SOLD Green Porch, Blue Table,16"x20"SOLD Yellow Porch Pink Shadows, 16"x20" SOLD Three Trees, 16"x20"
Windy Day at Lake Calhoun, 16"x20" SOLD
Summer Heat, 16"x20" SOLD Green Landscape, 20"x30" Cactus, 16"x20"
Road to the Lake, 36"x42" SOLD
Shadows on The Street, 29"x32" Tulips and Spring Lawn, 32"x42" Early Spring Day by the Lake, 27"x34" SOLD
Shadows on The Street, 29"x32" Winter Afternoon, 20"x30" Near Abiquiu, 14"x18" SOLD Desert Sunset, 14"x18" SOLD
Light and Shadows, 14"x18" SOLD Light and Shadows II, 14"x18" SOLD Shadows on the Snow, 18"x24" SOLD Shadows on the Snow II,18"x24" SOLD
Thompson Ridge, 24"x34" SOLD On the Road to Town, 27"x31" SOLD Red Hills II, 28"x36" Red Hills New Mexico, 24"x30"
Woman with a Braid, 24"x30" Pink Interior, 17"x30" Tabletop, 24"x30" Room View , 24"x30"